International Real Estate Conference 2019
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Real Estate Development Areas tour

Roppongi Hills

To revolutionize the economy-oriented paradigms of Tokyo city making, Roppongi Hills, one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Japan, was created as a new "Cultural Center" of Tokyo. Besides all the functions such as offices, residences and retail facilities, Mori Art Museum is located at the top of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. This multipurpose and mixed use city attracts people from across the globe, and the exchanges between different cultures generate new culture and spread information to the world.

Otemachi・Marunouchi・Yurakucho-Area (OMY area)

Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho-area (OMY area) where Tokyo station is situated and is adjacent to the Imperial Palace.

The area is one of the world greatest CBD with the accumulation of Japanese leading companies, foreign-affiliated companies and also start-ups.

Large redevelopment projects are promoted by the public and private partnership.

Furthermore, promotion of area management activity produces relaxing and lively scenes, attracting various kinds of people.

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